96% cost saving. Faster design & production cycles. 50% weight reduction.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sound like results you’d like to see to your engineering challenges? Come find out more about using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printers) with the CREAT3D Team at EDS Reconnect.

The most forward-thinking business in Manufacturing, Design and Engineering in the UK have been hugely and rapidly benefiting from integrating 3D printers in house, at low rates of investment.

Find out how companies have been realising successes in four key areas:
  • Shortening design loops through faster R&D and product development
  • Reducing production costs
  • Improving supply chains
  • Generating new revenue streams

Winning with Additive

Expert Tooling & Automation, an industrial equipment and automation company, saved 96% on this assembly jig, reducing the original CNC machining cost of £300, to a 3D printed cost of just £10.07. The jig was previously made from 4 component parts, now 3D printed in one part.

Fastlane, part of Integrated Design Limited, a security entrance systems manufacturer, used their in-house 3D printer to produce a bespoke end-use housing to incorporate their client’s biometric recognition product. Due to the low volumes and unique requirement, this solution would not have been viable prior to 3D printing. By manufacturing additively, Fastlane were able to deliver a bespoke final product to the client, at low production costs and short lead time. The competitive advantage gained using AM secured Fastlane this new business over their competitors.

5 Reasons to come chat to our friendly team at EDS Reconnect:
  1. Take-away key learnings from others in Engineering and Product Design who have successfully applied 3D printing in their processes
  2. Discuss a range of Additive technologies, including SLA, Composite, Metal, Ultrafast, SLS and FFF and determine which is right for your applications
  3. Take-away product details from our range of 3D printers and associated technologies from Formlabs, Markforged, Nexa3D, BigRep, Ultimaker and more
  4. Submit your design file for a test print so you can validate the technology back at your workshop, and receive cost-benefit analysis as part of the process
  5. Save money with EDS Reconnect only special offers

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