Benefit from Expert Advice and Check Out Nexus’s Growing Range of Specialist Memory Solutions.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Nexus Industrial Memory – the go-to company for specialist memory solutions for engineers developing embedded systems - is exhibiting at EDS Reconnect and is showcasing its broadest range of products yet!

The company’s highly experienced sales engineers will be available at EDS Reconnect for focussed one-on-one discussions to help visitors identify the perfect memory solutions for their projects.

You can make a priority appointment booking here.

EDS Reconnect is Nexus’s first trade event since its appointment by Flexxon in October 2020, an appointment which sees the OEM’s wide range of industrial NAND flash products join those of Datakey, a manufacturer of ultra-rugged / secure removable memory devices and which Nexus has been representing for more than three decades.

Flexxon’s solutions include solid-state drives (SSDs), cards, modules, standard form factor industrial removable memory devices and ICs, and Datakey’s products are bespoke form factor removable/portable memory devices and receptacles.

Common to both OEMs’ lines are reliability, ruggedness, security and long-term availability. If one, more or all are requirements for your next project, Nexus Industrial Memory is the company to talk to at EDS Reconnect.

Hot on Cyber

Regarded as the leading NAND storage manufacturer serving cybersecurity, industrial, medical and automotive (CIMA) applications, Flexxon’s solutions include ICs (including SLC NAND flash and eMMC ICs), SSDs (including SATA II and III, PATA, PCIe NVMe) and standard form factor removable memory drives and cards.

Amongst Flexxon’s products on show at EDS Reconnect will be the OEM’s award-winning X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure SSD. It provides embedded firmware-controlled security at the NAND storage level. It therefore, addresses the shortcomings of software-based cyber defence – which is not ‘close enough’ to the raw, sensitive data – and hardware data encryption, which is only effective when data is at rest.

Built on an advanced AI co-processor quantum engine, Flexxon’s X-PHY AI cyber-secure SSD sets the new industry standard for AI-embedded cybersecurity storage by monitoring and protecting data in real-time and stopping security threats including hardware and system attacks, ransomware, viruses and malware. As an added bonus, data is also better protected against power glitches.

Michael Barrett, Managing Director of Nexus Industrial Memory, comments: “Flexxon is at the cutting edge of embedded cybersecurity and the company has a dedicated cybersecurity advisory panel which comprises a diverse group of experienced industry thought leaders. Your data and everything it underpins could not be in safer hands.”

Click here for an overview of Flexxon’s products.

In it for the Long Run

Datakey’s removable memory devices employ industry-standard memory (EEPROM, NOR flash, USB flash, SD) encapsulated in an over-moulded body, resulting in devices (memory keys, tokens and plugs) rugged enough for the most demanding applications.

With many embedded systems designed for long service life, potential component obsolescence must be a design consideration.

As the above diagram illustrates, Datakey’s products - keys, tokens and plugs - entered service long before Mini-SD MMC came and went (and even before MMC’s brief presence on the market). “Formats like USB, SD and Micro-SD have fared better,” adds Barrett, “but their future will be governed by the commercial sector, and that’s increasingly shifting to cloud-based.”

Click here for an overview of Datakey’s products.

Truly Specialist

Established in 1987 and based in the UK, Nexus is committed to the provision of memory-based products that are designed especially for situations where commercial is simply not secure enough and/or would not survive in a harsh environment application.

Nexus honours its commitment to its customers – be they design engineers, operations managers or company directors - by only representing suppliers that are themselves focussed on serving sectors requiring the most rugged, reliable and secure solutions.

“The word ‘specialist’ is somewhat overused in the engineering sector by marketers and salespeople, but we genuinely are specialist, as are our suppliers,” comments Barrett. “Industrial / specialist memory is not an afterthought or an add-on to commercial. Instead, we’re all about helping engineers seeking to embed memory in their products and/or use removable solutions within a bigger system, safe in the knowledge that the solutions we recommend and supply are rugged, reliable, secure and won’t be made obsolete in the near future.”

Also, the relationship between Nexus and its suppliers is such that if a custom solution, irrespective of volume, is needed it can be done; and has been done, on many occasions. “And that’s why we consider ourselves true specialists,” says Barrett.

Priority Appointments

EDS Reconnect is promising to be an engaging and extremely busy event (great job MA Exhibitions!). If you are on the lookout for a fit-for-purpose memory solution and want to discover how Nexus can help you – with products, guidance and technical support – you can make a priority appointment booking here.

Barrett concludes: “We work in an extremely fast-paced industry, one in which knowledge is power and provides a competitive edge. We’ve over 30 years of experience supporting our customers some of which, like the MoD, have been trusting us since the early 1990s and we’ve customers in the rail, automotive, energy and medical sectors who have been using us almost as long.”

Nexus (noun) – a connection or series of connections within a system or situation.

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