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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

SDC Systems, an embedded systems specialist, reselling leading software products, providing integration and training services, and engineering design services, presents 3 technical articles:

The hidden costs of automotive storage decisions: flash media wear and MCU failures in 159,000 Tesla cars

Flash lifetime can’t be ignored. Late last year, Tesla had problems with the flash storage memory in its connected cars. The company was in the news again this month, when the Office of Defects Investigations released their report summarizing the MCU failures that affect approximately 159,000 vehicles.

This is interesting as much for the report as for the reaction among embedded developers, some of whom still don’t understand that flash media has a limited lifetime.

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Is your Requirements Management future-proof?

Issues of requirements management still rank high on the list of causes for software project failures. Delivering products that fit customer needs on time and on budget remains a challenge.

Understand how leading product developers stay ahead of the curve by:

  • Cutting costs while balancing growing product complexity, time pressure, and increasingly stringent quality requirements
  • Maintaining RM process maturity by encouraging continuous improvement
  • Analyzing current RM processes and toolset against our checklist to evaluate maturity
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How to choose the correct hardware platform for embedded GUI applications

When building an embedded system there are many choices you will face when deciding the correct hardware and software combinations to best get your product to market. Hardware capabilities, performance, power requirements, memory types, OS implications, packaging options, platform scalability and interoperability are just some of the considerations you will have to work through in the early stages. Most of these decisions can be answered with research, testing, and peer discussion. When it comes to your GUI application however, we’re committed to ensuring that it is created using all the best practice principles our customers have learnt along the way.

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