The Product Partnership makes it a “full house” at EDS Reconnect

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Product Partnership (TPP) is a cluster of some of the South West’s leading product development specialists – Amalgam Modelmaking, Cubik Innovation Ltd and Realise Design. Between them, they offer services for product and engineering design and all aspects of electronics including manufacture, prototype enclosure fabrication and point-of-sale demonstrators.

In 2019, electronics specialists, Cubik Innovation exhibited at the EDS bringing with them one of their pick-and-place systems to educate and entertain. They were joined by product design and engineering partner, Realise Design, who sent a small team to cover the event as attendees.

This year all three TPP members will be exhibiting at the EDS Reconnect meaning Amalgam Modelmaking, an institution amongst product designers in the SW and across the UK, will also be there. Each partner will have their own virtual booth showcasing the breadth of support that the TPP can deliver. Amalgam also cover exhibition design and build and might be helpful for those looking forward to the EDS main show in October.

Each partner has their individual strengths and work with some of the most innovative organisations, large and small. They often collaborate on projects, either as a pair or all three, and that familiarity makes the whole experience a much easier and better value proposition for clients. Whether its early-stage start-up or a global corporation, the TPP partners have the capability to work to the appropriate scale and bring with them a wealth of skills, experience, and expertise in their respective areas.

Collectively, they have worked on a wide range of projects covering everything from quick assembly, stylish industrial micro-controller enclosures, to a fast-erecting, light-weight and towable 30m camera mast for Formula 1; from the electronics for a modular high-speed camera trigger (crowd-funded) to a smart-thermostat with interactive touch-display; from enclosures for contact-lens measuring instruments to low-volume manufacture of vacuum-cast casings for handheld optical measurement.

Headed up by Innovation Director, Prof. Huw Robson, the TPP can provide a full consultancy service for all aspects of product design. Huw’s background is in technology R&D working with SMEs, start-ups, and corporates which led to many years as a Global Research Director at Hewlett Packard Labs. Prior to joining the TPP, Huw led the SW England programme for the Design Council, mentoring innovative SMEs in strategic design management thinking.

Take a look at the TPP partners virtual booths and visit their websites for impressive case studies showcasing their range of work.

Vortex Aerial Camera Mount (Realise Design)

Switchee smart thermostat (Realise/Cubik/Amalgam)

Third Dimension GapGun® (Amalgam Modelmaking)