Meet Nexus Industrial Memory at EDS Reconnect

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Derisk and shorten the concept-to-launch lifecycle of your next embedded system project by ensuring the memory you use is reliable, robust and secure enough for the intended application. Find out more from our team of dedicated ‘specialist’ memory experts at EDS Reconnect.

If you’re an engineer that designs embedded systems, you’re in the right place, and if you want safe, secure data solutions that can withstand the elements, Nexus Industrial Memory is for you.

Who are Nexus Industrial Memory?

Simply put, we exist to help you keep your data safer, secure and protected with the world’s leading rugged memory products.

We do that by supplying products from two of the world’s leading memory manufacturers – Datakey and Flexxon – and we work with businesses and organisations in all sorts of industries including the military, transport, renewable energy, industrial, medical and agriculture.

Why should you consider using Datakey and Flexxon products?

The reality is that the standard memory products on the market simply aren’t rugged and secure enough for many organisations, and it’s that problem we solve, by providing products that have been tested in the harshest possible environments, exposed to extreme temperatures, hazardous chemicals, medical sterilisation and a whole lot more.

And that’s just their ruggedness – security is another huge concern for many organisations. The Datakey products we supply offer unique connectors, making your data safer and reducing the risk of the data being accessed by unauthorised parties. Then there’s the world’s first standalone embedded solution from Flexxon, the X-PHY AI Cyber Secure SSD which delivers advanced security right at the NAND storage level. Or the Flexxon WORM SD/MicroSD memory cards which were developed to detect illegal behaviour of users. If illegal behaviour is detected, the Flexxon WORM card switches to read-only mode to protect the data. And our range does not end there, talk to our sales experts to find the perfect memory solution for your embedded device.

Underneath it all, we also believe that you should be able to rely on your products year after year – everything we offer is highly durable, and not prone to obsolescence – as an example, Datakey products have been in production in pretty much the same form since 1987.

In short, if you’re after a data solution that will help you with data logging, updating firmware, user identification, securing communications, cyber security, crypto authentication, restricting use or feature enabling, and you need it to be resilient and secure, then we can definitely help.

Talk to us at EDS Reconnect

Can’t wait for the show?   Our priority appointment booking form is online here 

We’ll be at EDS Reconnect for the full two days, and you can get a live product demo from our team, and find out more about our products and exactly how they work.

If you’re keen to get a quick proof of concept, or you want to have a play around with the products before considering designing them into something, then we’ll have a great offer available on our Datakey development kits, which allow you to quickly understand what the product is, how it works and whether it could solve any of the problems you’ve got. Or you might like to get your hands on a Flexxon WORM test kit. Talk to one of our memory experts and we’ll enter you into our prize draw and you could even win one!

To find out more about Datakey or Flexxon products and to be entered into the prize draw to win a Datakey development kit or Flexxon WORM test kit, simply connect with one of memory experts at EDS Reconnect during the show, click here for a priority booking or phone us on 01794 301439.