Win and explore!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Nexus is giving away a development kit - the winner gets to pick which – and three runners-up will win a £20 Amazon gift voucher.

In a break from the traditional approach to trade event prize draws, Nexus Industrial Memory is running a competition in which the winner chooses which main prize they would prefer. Both main prizes are development kits, and three runners-up will receive £20 Amazon gift vouchers.

Tough Choice

Above is the Datakey UFX RUGGEDrive Development kit. It provides all the necessary tools to build a simulated system to test RUGGEDrive’s abilities.

The kit contains two RUGGEDrive tokens, two receptacles, two leads and a USB to RUGGEDrive adaptor. The tokens are USB flash memory encapsulated in a virtually crushproof bespoke industrial form factor.

If those entering the competition have an application that requires the use of removable / portable memory devices the above kit is ideal. It will allow the winner to compare the RUGGEDrive form factor against a commercial USB thumb drive, for example.

A Permanent Record

Above is a Flexxon write once read many (WORM) kit.

WORM is a tamperproof flash storage technology and is heralded as the most practical alternative to burning CD/DVD ROM drives (which are becoming obsolete). It is used in many scenarios that require a permanent and unalterable record of important information.

Currently implemented in SD and microSD card formats, the technology enables the storage of data in a way that makes subsequent editing or deletion impossible.

The kit includes a WORM card, multifunction card holder, microSD to SD card adapter and a microSD to USB Type-A / Type-C / microB adapter.

If the draw winner selects this kit, they will be able to put WORM flash technology through its paces.

To Enter

As part of the company’s unwavering commitment to serve the engineering community with reliable, rugged and secure memory for embedded systems, Nexus is conducting a brief survey.

Anyone meeting with one of Nexus’ sales engineers at EDS Reconnect and taking the survey will be asked if they wish to enter the competition.

The draw will take place at 16:00 on 1st April and winners will be notified by email.